What language are Android apps written in?

languages to write andorid apps

Programming languages are different and depend on what kind of operating system you are building it for. In this piece, we will talk about programming languages for the Android operating system. To create a mobile application for Android operating systems, you can choose from the following programming languages Java, Corona, Kotlin, C#, C++, Python. We will provide you with insightful details about each programming language to understand which one fits your Android App development best. 

Coding is quite a sophisticated process, therefore it’s normal if as a beginner, you may not know where to start. Let’s break it down for you and make it as straightforward as possible. 

You should choose the programming language first. 


Most of the mobile applications for Android are written in the Java programming language. 

Sun Microsystem first released the programming language in 1995. Even though it was created decades ago, it did not fall behind over the decades and still has many advantages compared to other programming languages. Java is still one of the official languages for android app development. The programming language is very popular and you can find it on many devices and computers. Here are some of the advantages of the Java programming language

  • Java is platform-independent. Perhaps this is one of the main qualities and reasons why Java is one of the official languages for Android. One of the main goals of Android was to create an app that would operate on all types of devices. The platform independence of Java is a perfect solution for programmers as they need to write only one code that will run on any platform. This quality makes Java one of the most versatile programming languages out there. 
  • It’s easy to learn. Java is very easy to understand, learn and use in practice. Compared to other programming languages such as C++, Java stands out by its functionality and doesn’t have unnecessary features, making it much easier to learn.
  • It’s object-oriented. Object-oriented programming languages operate relying on the concepts of objects and classes. This makes software programs simpler and reusable.
  • It has high levels of security. One of the most prominent advantages of the Java programming language is security. Compared to other programming languages, Java does not use pointers. Hackers may use pointers to have illegal access to the memory sections. Java has features for internal data management and memory supervision, which prevents unauthorized action with your data. 


Google recognized Kotlin programming language as a preferable option for Android development. Kotlin programming language is much easier to learn and to work with for beginners. Kotlin operates on Java Virtual Machine. It is not by accident that Kotlin has many similarities with the Java programming language. Kotlin was initially an alternative for Java. In the fast-developing digital world, Kotlin managed to increasingly get more recognition on its own. Below we present some of the advantages of the Kotlin programming language. 

  • Less Code

One of the most prominent benefits of Kotlin for programmers is that it is easier to code. With Kotlin, it is much easier to read the code, make changes, and generally manage it. 

  • Safety

As we have mentioned in this article, Kotlin is the revolutionized alternative for Java. Therefore, all of the errors that could have happened in the Java programming language you can avoid with Kotlin. Due to the conciseness and clarity in Kotlin, the numbers of potential errors and system failures are substantially less.

  • Functional Programming 

Kotlin is developer-friendly and provides features that allow developers to make the job faster and much more manageable. Kotlin has a feature called inlining, which is to help developers enhance their app’s performance. 


It is undeniable that games are one of the most prominent and demanded categories on the app market. Corona programming language is for apps and games for mobile and computer devices. It is a Lua-based programming language, which will make your job faster and straightforward. Corona has software development kits like OpenGL, which allows working with 2D and 3D graphics. It is a cross-platform framework meaning that you can publish your app on different platforms for different operating systems with a single code base. 


Python is a highly functional, fast, easy to learn programming language. It allows you to run your program on different platforms with the same code, unlike other programming languages. The program is dynamically typed, meaning that you do not have to indicate the variable type to assign a value to it. 

C, C++

C is one of the oldest and most popular programming languages out there. It is the understanding of the C programming language that will allow you to have a better experience with other high-level programming languages. C is a procedural programming language that predisposes structured programming based on the calling procedure. The programming language can be used in different operating systems.   

C++ is based on the C programming language, but the differences between the two are massive. The former programming language is both procedural and object-oriented. Generally, C programming language is more function-driven language, while C++ is object-driven. 

Ultimately there is no perfect choice when choosing a programming language. Try to challenge the functional capacities of each programming language and decide which one fits your goals best.