What is Ecommerce Personalization?


We meet the word “personalization” quite often in the world of marketing. There is a clear explanation for that – we are all humans, and we all need to feel important. When you show your app users that their preferences and needs matter, they feel prioritized. Accordingly, they start to engage with your app on a deeper level. Personal engagement with users is more than just providing a service. It is about adding value to people’s lives.

In the digital age, there is an app for nearly everything. The app marketplace is filled with millions of apps. They all create high competition and require an innovative approach to be noticed by users. With ecommerce personalization, you will provide your users with relevant information, discounts and other offers based on their previous actions, purchase history, and other personal information. With a personalized approach, you will be able to promote products and services according to the expectations and requirements of your targeted audience

Ecommerce Personalization is vital for businesses looking to attract loyal customers, increase drive sales and improve conversions. 

Data collection

For any strategy of personalization, you will first need data from your users. Personal user data such as purchase history, geolocation, gender, type of device, will help you analyze and have better insights about your users. It is essential to make sure that you choose targeted groups. Also, you should collect the data you need in a specific time framework. User segmentation will allow you to analyze and understand particular groups of app users. Further, you can treat them according to their needs. This strategy will help you to avoid generalizations and approach each user individually.

Strategies to improve Ecommerce Personalization

There is no single strategy for improving eCommerce personalization. In the long run, you should stay up to date and apply consistent improvements. 

Transform visitors into loyal users

Billions of people carry around their mobile devices everywhere. This creates a perfect marketing opportunity for businesses to engage with a massive audience through mobile apps. However, having a mobile app for your eCommerce business is not enough. It is essential to engage with users and provide them with a high-quality experience on a personal level. It is nearly impossible to create trustful relationships and meet the needs of all of your app users. That is why you have to be specific and define a targeted audience. Through analyzing personal preferences, specific demographics, and other users’ data of your targeted audience, you will provide your users with only relevant offers. 

Mobile app deep linking 

Deep links are functionally similar to hyperlinks. If a hyperlink takes the user to a specific section on a web page, deep links navigate the user to a particular page in the app. Deep linking allows mobile app developers to smoothly guide users to a specific page in the app rather than just open it. The method provides a convenient user experience as the user can immediately access the product on their phone. For instance, you can run a Halloween costume promotion campaign to drive customers to your eCommerce app.

If you intend users to make purchases from your mobile app rather than your website, you can use deep links. If users already have your mobile app installed on their mobile devices, they will click the link from the review. Further, your products will demonstrate straight away. Deep linking makes the process easier and helps users to purchase without any distractions.  

Personalized Ads 

Standard ads are no longer serving the best outcomes in the competitive industries. Businesses must make offers based on the individual demands of users to stay ahead of the game in the competitive industry. To achieve that goal, you can use Dynamic Shopping Ads (DSA), which will provide personalized advertisement templates based on the data of a specific user, making them more valuable, desirable, and much more efficient.

DSA is primarily based on users’ digital behavior, such as viewing products and services and clicking on specific advertisements. For instance, if a user views a particular product, its description, and other relevant information about it and leaves it for a while, you will be able to anticipate their intent and advertise the same service or a product using DSA. Through deep links, you will also be able to navigate users to the specific product. Since the user is already interested, the probability of purchasing the product becomes higher. 

Personalized Push Notifications 

Push notifications have become essential features in marketing products and services, enhancing retention and driving re-engagement for mobile apps. Users have more than one app on their devices. Therefore, it is essential to remind them about your services and products. With personalized push notifications, you can send short messages about recent updates, offers, and recommendations about your services and products. 

Compared to regular push notifications, personalized ones send updates based on users’ preferences, demographic peculiarities, and personal information. Once users opt-in for push notifications, you will have access to user data. Through analyzing personal data, you can have a better understanding of your users. This strategy will help you directly engage with your app users, improve your customer service and promote your business.  

Create your personalized app with ConstApps

Applying the strategies mentioned above for creating a personalized approach for your users may seem challenging and time-consuming. However, there is always an alternative. Today, instead of hiring teams and applying dozens of different strategies, you may start your mobile app journey on platforms that allow you to create personalized apps without any technical knowledge, for minimum costs and for free

With one of such eCommerce Mobile App Builder platforms ConstApps, you will be able to create a mobile app tailored to the specific needs of your targeted users. One of the essential benefits of ConstApps is that you will not need any experience or knowledge in the field to create your mobile app. Building apps on ConstApps is straightforward due to its smooth, easy-to-use navigation. 

The custom package of ConstApps will allow you to have access to advanced features like advanced app analytics and advanced push notification analytics. These features will provide you with reports and analysis regarding driving sales, user engagement, and other peculiarities. All those will help you better understand how your messaging, marketing strategies work and what can be executed better. ConstApps also offers custom integration, consultations, and other services to enhance the success of your business.