Mobile Loyalty Programs | Best examples

mobile loyalty programs

Creating a loyal, reliable relationship with a user is a critical component of any company’s long-term success. In a digital, competitive app marketplace providing high-quality services or selling good products is no longer enough for users. 

There are millions of apps in the app market. Some of them offer a wide spectrum of similar services and products as your brand. 

Therefore it is essential for brands and businesses to strengthen connections with a targeted audience. Also, they should ensure that users receive rewards for choosing their brand over millions of others. 

Customer loyalty programs will help you achieve that goal!

Mobile loyalty programs allow businesses to reward app users for their loyalty in the form of reward points, discounts, membership cards, to name a few. Among many other benefits, mobile loyalty programs will allow you to engage with your target audience directly, try out various marketing strategies, and boost client retention and loyalty. 

What makes a mobile loyalty program successful?

Effective and simple onboarding  

Precise approach to mobile app onboarding may keep your app from being uninstalled. It can transform a casual user into a long-term, loyal customer. With efficient onboarding practices, you will be able to demonstrate all of your mobile application’s advanced features and functionalities. By doing this, you will demonstrate the value that users will get from your brand. 

Remember that the fundamental goal of onboarding is to provide an interactive process for users. As a result, they should become familiar with your mobile app and use it effectively and effortlessly. 

One of the most common mistakes that program developers make is speeding app permissions or complicating the authorization process. This can be very damaging for the overall onboarding process.

 Instead, try to make the onboarding process as straightforward and effective as possible. Make sure that users have several alternatives for authorization such as login and e-mail, access through social media accounts, to name a few. This way, you will ensure that users are involved in a loyalty program for the long run. 

Bringing real value for users

The main mission of mobile loyalty programs is to engage with users to create a bond with the brand. In order to make sure that users will give preference for your brand while making purchases, it is crucial to provide users with a great user experience. 

One of the many compelling motivations for users to join a loyalty program is the appeal of the benefits they will receive from your brand. The privileges and advantages of loyalty programs will motivate users to come back to your brand over and over again. Make sure that loyalty programs are not only about purchases. It is essential to demonstrate to your users that you genuinely care about their interests and involvement whether they make a purchase or not. 

Users must have a sense that their engagement with your brand has high value and that you hear them. Otherwise, it may seem like your brand doesn’t care about the needs and expectations of users. They may think you are just aiming for more profit.

Personalizing offers 

One of the critical strategies of loyalty programs is personalization. Therefore, every update, offer and recommendation from your brand needs to have connections to the specific needs of your target audience. For that reason, digital platforms will provide you with an abundance of personal information about your users, which can help you personalize content and adapt the various offerings to different demographics. 

Keep in mind that users expect notifications and offers that are relevant and useful for them. With ConstApps mobile app building platform, you will be provided with advanced and practical tools such as app analytics and push notification analytics, enabling you to get the most out of your personalized offers. 

Using app analytics can help you analyze user behavior and generate customized products depending on user requirements and preferences. You may start personalizing your mobile app at the very start of the app development process. With ConstApps, you can create a customized mobile application according to the specific peculiarities of your target audience. The platform will allow you to develop mobile apps for iOS and Android operating systems within hours, without any technical knowledge, involving minimal investments

Be original, stand out!

App markets are filled with mobile applications, which requires extra commitment and originality to attract new users and stand out among competitors. Your brand needs to provide users with innovative solutions that differ from anything else in the app marketplace. 

Below find examples of successful mobile loyalty programs.


Sephora mobile loyalty programs

Sephora is a beauty retailer that encourages customers to buy more by using a tier-based system. In tier-based mobile loyalty programs, users accomplish rewards or bonuses once they reach a certain predetermined milestone, such as making purchases in a particular amount of money, using certain services, to name a few. Users can take advantage of many benefits of such programs, including free delivery, whenever they achieve a particular spending tier. Such reward practices are practical and allow businesses, including Sephora, to increase their revenues and user engagement.


Starbucks mobile loyalty programs

With nearly 16.8million active users, Starbucks is considered one of the most popular restaurant apps in the United States. Starbucks uses fantastic mobile loyalty programs, allowing users to take advantage of a variety of privileges. For example, customers of Starbucks earn stars for each dollar spent, receive special birthday prizes, obtain customized beverages and other tailored offers and take advantage of special membership events and deals. With such a unique approach Starbucks creates long-term engagement with customers and attracts millions of other people. 


Nike mobile loyalty programs

Nike is another major company that celebrates its customers like no others. Loyal customers of Nike provide free shipping, free items in exchange for points. Moreover, some products of the brand are exclusive to just NikePlus members. It is also worth mentioning that the brand brings value to customers who like working out by rewarding them with special rewards. Nike emphasizes personalized experience and actively collaborates with other brands and businesses to provide customers with the best user experience.