Mobile eCommerce Trends

Mobile trends

Mobile technology has revolutionized the way we live.

Our smartphones are ostensibly always within reach and command our daily manners. This is why mobile commerce trends are constantly developing. Consumer buying habits have evolved drastically over the years, leaving room for mobile commerce to flourish.

eCommerce store owners must always stay up to date with the latest mobile commerce trends in order to ensure an overall productive operation. Whether you’re employing Shopify or another platform to sell online, there are always constant changes happening. After researching and analyzing the most recent trends in the eCommerce industry, we have narrowed down the ones for m-commerce.

Shopping Through Mobile Apps

With the rise of mobile use, customers are using their mobile devices to buy online. M-commerce is controlling the global eCommerce market share and more. Recent studies have shown that in 2019, 57% of US consumers used a mobile retail app to acquire more information about a product. More than half of US customers have resorted straight to mobile apps instead of browsing through their tRecent studies have shown that in 2019, 57% of US consumers used a mobile retail app to acquire more information about a product. This is a definite game-changer for online store owners. More importantly, they will have to change up their website to accommodate a more mobile-friendly use.

However, it does not just stop there! A mobile-optimized eCommerce site is not all that store owners need. Business owners will also need to provide mobile shopping apps. It has been proven that consumers prefer mobile apps to mobile websites. With ConstApps you can easily start building your business mobile app with as little as $29.99 a month.

As a matter of fact, mobile shopping apps actually convert at a higher rate than mobile websites.

Social eCommerce

Brands are avidly using social media to obtain exposure and strengthen their brand awareness. Leveraging social media for your eCommerce business will create wonders for your operation. Nonetheless, this is hard to achieve without a few obstacles. While social media has enormous benefits, it has been challenging for businesses to transform social traffic into sales. There has always been a certain amount of dispute between navigating from a social post to a product page. But social commerce has grown to make things even more accessible for the consumer. With shoppable Facebook pages and Instagram shoppable posts, customers are directly approached to buy products on social media. These features make it feasible for companies to tag products in their posts and generate more sales.

Customers can click on the product to buy directly without shifting to a new browser and searching through their website for their desired products. Social commerce reduces the challenges regarding the conversion process from visitors to customers.

Keep in mind that potential customers are already on their social media platforms on a daily basis. This is why it is probably easier to get to them through the power of social media.

Voice Shopping

The world cannot get enough voice assistants like Siri and Alexa. They have become a staple in daily lives and are definitely making it easier to navigate through the cyber world. The way of voice search usage has drastically shifted over the past few years. Initially, voice search was for searching for things like weather-related questions or setting an alarm. However, their uses have soon evolved to encompass a much larger scope.

Plenty of mobile owners are now using voice commands to research products. Furthermore, a good portion of those users are even making purchases through voice commands. This is why online store owners should be aware of the benefits of voice commands and work towards optimizing their websites for voice search. Moreover, mobile apps should also be voice shopping friendly. Voice shopping has an intense influence on mobile commerce trends.

Mobile Chatbots

Chatbots have been around for years, and chances are you have already interacted with chatbots for various reasons. It is essential to start leveraging chatbot technology on your eCommerce website for optimal customer satisfaction if you have not already. It is one of the best techniques to provide customer service for fast responses.

All of the advantages of using chatbots on the web can seamlessly shift to an app. It is not uncommon for customers to seek out assistance when they shop online. This is why it is vital to get these questions or queries settled as quickly as possible. Employing the help of chatbots will enhance the customer experience and save business owners a lot of money. Mobile chatbots are set to be used more than ever before to facilitate eCommerce transactions, initiating the undeniable growth of mobile commerce chatbots.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality have created a rather sizeable buzz in the industry. This type of technology has provided endless opportunities to enhance the mobile world. Plenty of mobile shopping apps have already started to put Augmented Reality to use in order to improve the customer shopping experience.

For example, a business that sells furniture online such as Ikea can employ augmented reality to provide a somewhat realistic display of what the product would look like in a potential customer’s home. This enhances the customer buying experience like never before. They can decide on shoes, sizes, and colors without making several trips to the store.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are an ever-growing concept and will surely improve many mobile ecommerce trends. The possible employment of this technology can infiltrate a broad spectrum of industries.

Mobile Payments

Mobile wallets are on a constant rise over the past few years for both online and in-store purchases. Consumers are avidly using mobile wallets like Apple Pay to checkout when shopping from a mobile retail app. Many users also employ their mobile wallets when purchasing from brick-and-mortar locations with touchless pay options. This method is proven a quick, safe, and secure method to facilitate shopping.

Business owners should always be on top of the trends when incorporating new aspects into their shops. By integrating mobile wallets with your app, you are providing customers the option to buy using their preferred payment method.

Mobile trends will proceed to hold a significant role in the eCommerce industry. eCommerce store owners will need to keep up-to-date on mobile commerce trends to stay on top of the game.