Mobile App Design Ideas | What you should consider first

mobile app design ideas

Thousands of mobile apps launch in the app markets daily, making it much more challenging to captivate users’ attention. It is crucial to thoroughly analyze and consider every factor affecting your mobile app’s performance and overall success. One of such factors is the visual design of your app. Remember, the graphic design of your mobile app is your first introduction to users. So, it needs to be captivating, memorable, and original. The color palette, font design, buttons, and other mobile app user experience(UX) and user interface(UI) peculiarities must complement one another and provide high-quality visual and functional performance. 

Choose an Operating System

Before endeavoring to create the design of your mobile application, it is crucial to determine the operating system you are going to work with. You can design both operating systems through the same tools. They can have similarities in readability, flow, simplicity, they are still different in navigation patterns. Moreover, users of each operating system expect a mobile app that is visually similar to the overall design of their device. Both Android and iOS operating systems have design guidelines that will help you to make better choices. 

Remember making a high-quality mobile app design does not mean that it has to be overcomplicated or over the top. It also does not mean that it has to be basic. Simplicity is the key to usability. 

 Keep it simple, but not basic

Creating a high-quality mobile app design does not mean that it has to be over the top. Remember, simplicity is the key to usability. Your mobile app must be practical and highly functional for your users and serve their needs. When creating your UI design, keep in mind that your app’s features will be represented on a small device, so do not squeeze everything into a small space. Also, consider that if the design of your mobile app is too complex, it will take much more time to load, which is undesirable. Try to keep everything clear. Unnecessary buttons and bells are not distracting your mobile app users and do not negatively affect their user experience.

Choose design colors wisely

You should align the color palette of your mobile with the purpose of your mobile app. Try to find the golden middle between too bright and too dark. Remember that if the colors of your design are too vivid or too dark, they may be destructive and exhausting to look at for an extended time. Consider that each color has a particular association and incites a corresponding emotion. For instance, yellow can instantly capture attention and convey positive emotions. Red is associated with a sense of urgency, passion, action, etc. Consider that these perceptions vary from culture to culture. So, it is crucial to consider the cultural characteristics of your target audience.

However, do not hesitate to break any of the rules mentioned above. Take a risk to come up with something new. Overall, the purpose is to provide a pleasant user experience and enhance the engagement with your mobile app. You can always do it your way. 

Create an original icon

The icon of your mobile application represents your brand, so it needs to be something fresh, unique, and memorable. It also should convey clues about the overall purpose of your mobile app. Especially if you are targeting younger generations, your icon must look appealing on a device. This is because millennials care about the overall organization and look of mobile apps on their home screens. Do not underestimate the significance of an icon. No matter how valuable and outstanding your services and products are, they may pass unnoticed if not represented innovatively. It is also essential to not be afraid of changes and modify, update your icon just like massive mobile apps like Instagram, Spotify did.  

Use precise typography 

Typography is another significant component that you have to choose for the design of your mobile app carefully. It includes the typeface, font, line lengths, spacings, kerning, and tracking, which all significantly affect the interface of your mobile app. Typography with readable font style, precise line spacing, engaging written text will make your mobile app more engaging and easy in navigation, substantially affecting the user experience. Avoid mixing too many fonts as it may be destructive for users. The fonts that you choose must complement one another and maintain uniformity for your overall app design.

You should construct the content of your mobile app in a hierarchical order. This will make the navigation of your mobile app more swift and smooth. The data should be organized according to its relevance and importance, with precise spacing and fronting. To make the content of your mobile app easier to comprehend, make sure to apply exact spacing, and align your content efficiently. Overall, your mobile application’s typography must be user-friendly and manage to convey your brand’s vibes. 

Test the design 

To ensure that your mobile app design performs smoothly, it is essential to constantly test it. Ask for feedback from professional developers and ordinary users. Get a neutral view, as you or your team may not objectively evaluate what you have. It is beneficial to improve all of the shortcomings of your mobile app design before launching it. Keep in mind that making massive app design changes after launching your mobile app may negatively affect the user experience. 

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