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how much will my app cost

Smartphones became a necessity in a new, digital era, and mobile apps are where people spend most of their time. Mobile applications illustrate excellent performance in directly engaging with large audiences, guaranteeing brand marketing, and substantially increasing revenues. Both world-known brands and startups strive to have mobile apps to enhance the success of their businesses. As for any business for mobile app development as well, it is essential to calculate costs to have a clear vision of your financial strategies along the way. Below find practical strategies and considerations to calculate mobile app costs.

Factors that affect mobile application costs 

The cost of your mobile application may depend on factors like complexity of features, UI and UX design, type of operating system, to name a few

The costs of your mobile app highly depend on the complexity of features you intend to develop. If you plan to create a mobile app with simple features, it may cost you a thousand dollars. Complex apps may reach up to a hundred thousand dollars and more. Mobile app with complex features like GPS, advanced push notifications, sync with the Internet, advanced app analytics will be significantly expensive in development.

You may also choose to create a customized mobile app with complex features tailored to the specific needs of your targeted audience. Customized apps will help you directly reach your target audience and provide them with everything they need. This will extensively increase the value of your services. The prices of customized apps may vary from $100 000 to $500 000.  Keep in mind that creating your final product is not the end of your mobile app development process. Creating a mobile app with complex features needs continuous updates, which may require extra investments. 

The complexity of UI and UX Design 

UI/UX as an element in mobile app cost calculator

Ensuring high functionality and an appealing visual design is essential for your mobile app’s success. One of the most costly app development processes is User Experience(UX) and User Interface designs. UI design will provide you with high-quality graphical user interfaces and smooth navigation. UX design will guarantee productive, pleasant interactions between the user and your service. 

If your budget is restricted to ten thousand dollars and less, you may create a simple UX and UI design working with less experienced developers in the field. With a restricted budget, you may consider developing a Minimum Viable Product(MVP). It will provide you with core functionalities for your app. 

If your budget allows you to make significant investments, you may create a high-quality UI and UX design for your app by working with experienced, professional developers or agencies. While good quality UX and UI designs may require tangible investments, they are crucial in attracting more users, guaranteeing visual attraction, and enhancing the usability of your app. 

Cost differences of Native and Hybrid Apps

From the start of the mobile app development process, it is essential to decide whether you are creating hybrid or native apps. Each of the app types varies in complexity and price. 

Native apps can operate on a single operating system and take much more time and resources in the development process. If you plan to create a native mobile app, consider investing up to $100 000 dollars. Native apps have significant advantages over hybrid apps. Those include such as excellent user experience, complex features, and functionalities, high-quality UI, which will substantially increase the usability of your app.

Hybrid apps are less time-consuming, can operate on iOS and Android operating systems, and cost less in development. Hybrid apps are an excellent option if you plan to reach big app markets and a large user audience. Some of the advantages of hybrid apps are faster speed to the app market, offline availability, easy maintenance, and much more. Hybrid apps can also incorporate advanced features and functionalities of native apps. To develop a hybrid mobile app, you may spend $10 000+. 

Easy-to-use tools to calculate mobile app costs

Various platforms offer their services to help you estimate how much it will cost to build a mobile app for your business.


In OOZOU platform, you may calculate the costs of your mobile app based on the features you need. The platform is quite smooth in navigation; all you have to do is scroll down the page and choose the functionalities you plan to create for your app. There are ten main categories, including size, UI level, location, engagement, to name a few. For instance, when choosing the level User Interface, you may choose MVP, Basic, Polished. The platform will automatically present the costs.One of the platform’s advantages is that you can calculate the costs based on the operating system of your choice. The platforms also allows to save the estimated costs as well as receive relevant information about app development. 


VenturePact is yet another platform that makes it easier for you to calculate app costs. It estimates the costs based on the type of platform, design, security, data, admin, and other features which you plan to incorporate in your app. You will need to choose options for each category to get your results more precisely. When selecting a platform such as IOS, Android, Web, or Hybrid in the right upper part of your screen, you will be able to see the rough estimate of each choice.

 When choosing a design, the platform will give you various options for UI themes. For instance, if you select Stock or Template UI, your screen will display a rough estimate, which in this case ranges from $ 2,800 to $ 9,100. Once you answered all of the necessary questions, you will immediately have your results ready. 

The overall structure of the mobile app cost calculator is straightforward and user-friendly. Considering that mobile app development process prices substantially vary from region to region, the platform also allows you to find out how much your app will cost in different areas.


The platform will allow you to calculate your project costs by answering 16 questions. They vary regarding different features, revenue systems, external integrations, and much more. One of the advantages of Imaginovation is that it gives you a space to write about different concepts, ideas, features that you would like to incorporate into your mobile app that was not listed in their options. The platform will provide you with roughly calculated results. If you wish to have more detailed feedback, you can contact the platform team and arrange an initial free consultation to discuss project requirements. 


Significant financial investments and big teams are no longer necessities for creating a high-quality mobile app in a digital age. Moreover, big budgets cannot guarantee that your mobile app will have success in the app market. With ConstApps mobile application builder, you can create a mobile app for your business within a couple of hours. You do not need any technical knowledge or experience, and with minimum costs. Due to the smooth navigation of ConstApps, you will not need any external assistance for building your app.

The platform offers a wide range of theme templates for guaranteeing appealing visual representation for your business. With ConstApps, you can create both native and hybrid apps for different operating systems. You will be able to incorporate advanced features. Those include advanced app analytics, push notifications, user management, and more for just $29 in your pocket. You may also choose to customize an app that will serve the specific requirements of your business and target audience. For custom-made apps, the prices will depend on the complexity of your overall project.