How to create Native Woocomerce Mobile Application in several hours


We are already step to a new era of 2020. It means that lots of things that were not possible to be a reality in last 10 years must become already a common things.

Today we took this achievement and worked to solve an issue that was making lots of problems for millions store owners: A creation of Mobile Applications in short period, in high quality & cost efficient way.

We all know that creation of the mobile applications in general required a lot of effort knowledges & for sure money to accomplish its creation & release.

And most cases this all time & effort that was spent on mobile application development was not worthy at all.

Issues that are faced

As personally being involved development I have seen lots of cases when a person who was ordering a mobile application was not ready to make it work. And his spent money and effort were useless.

This all standpoints brought us for a conclusion that market today has big problem which we summarize to 3 points:

  1. Mobile Application development is costly & not affordable for wide spread
  2. Mobile Application development takes more time that it suppose to
  3. To create mobile application that market need, personally need to know the market and how to create solutions, which most cases customers dont know

Our aim of solving this issues brought us for a point to make it happen. We have seen that there is a big gap for eCommerce especially. There are lots of web stores but not all of them have mobile application.

Speaking with store owners, we have asked them why it is that way. Most of them pointed 2 or even 3 points mentioned above by submitting that our conclusions are correct. By it we have started to design and think to solve that problem.

And here it is Const Apps. Its eCommerce mobile application builder that deeply integrates to web store without creating external data insertions or migrations. Its has integration with Woocomerce and soon will have integration with Shopify & Magento.

We solved all 3 issues by creating our Const Apps platform. You can easily register, insert all needed information for your application, connect it to your web store & build the application for both Android & IOS.

And for pricing we have two packages where you can see and pay only with monthly subscription.

We also have created a calculator which reviels what would be your cost and how much time it could take you to create an application like this:


The conclusion to the article is that you can have a eCommerce mobile application starting from 45$ per month without big efforts and knowledges and create it in several hours.

This seems unbelievable in cases if you have faced with the issues with creating mobile application.

As point created mobile applications are fully native, its not any kind of webview or PWA (Progressive Web Application).

So enjoy the benefits of application, will be happy to hear your thoughts about our solution and hope we can solve the issue that you have.