How much does it cost to build an app?

the cost of building an app

Creating an app and standing out among millions of other apps in the current competitive marketplace is not easy. People tend to talk about the benefits and astronomical numbers that an app can make and rarely mention how costly and time-consuming building an app might be. 

 Before diving into creating your app, make sure that you have a clear business plan and marketing strategy to avoid investment losses. We know that you are looking for definite numbers on how much it will cost to create an app, but you need to consider that an app’s cost varies based on different factors. 

The app’s expenses vary depending on several factors such as the development process, types of vendors, the complexity of features, visual design, location, platform choice, to name a few.   

Development Team

Choosing a development team is one of the essential choices you will make when creating your app. You have two main options in this regard. You can either collaborate with app development agencies or freelancers. The services, the prices, and the quality of both options are significantly different.


Hiring freelancers is a smart choice if you have a limited budget. Working with freelancers can save you thousands of dollars. You will have the chance to directly communicate with your developer and discuss your app’s development process. While hiring a freelancer will cost you substantially cheaper, it might also cause additional hassle. 

Sometimes there may appear issues when finding professional freelancers for all of the assistance you need. Also, the fact that a freelancer is not with you within the same working atmosphere may cause certain communication issues. 

App development agencies

Working with app development companies is usually costly but rather effective. Let’s take Eastern Europe as the location of our development team to understand the average costs. Working with a professional team will cost you nearly $40k for simple and almost $120k for complex mobile apps. So, if you plan to invest more than $100 000 on your project, working with an agency might be a perfect choice. Consider that app development companies have years of experience and can provide all of the resources you may need in one place. App development agencies would be much more accountable, much more precise about time and project management. Again, everything depends on the type of your app.


You will experience both quality and expense differences based on where your development and design team is located. For example, designing an app in South India is significantly different in price compared to organizing the same process in the United States. 

If you outsource some operations outside of your office country, there might appear certain drawbacks of this option. Managing a team without face-to-face interactions can have a detrimental effect on overall collaboration and the working process. The accountability for meeting the deadlines will be much more challenging to manage remotely. There also might be miscommunications and language barriers when working with foreign developers. 

Complexity of features

The complexity of your app’s features is fundamental in defining your app’s overall cost.  If your budget is restricted, consider creating the basic features of your app first. Features like logging in, chat, push notifications, search bar, and analytics are some of the essential features that you might develop for an affordable price. The more complex features you plan, the more time and money it will require.

If you aspire to create an app with complex features like geolocation, payment integration, API usage, the costs will substantially increase. Complex features can raise the prices from ten to a hundred thousand dollars. Consider that some features are costly, but they can significantly better the quality of your app.

Design complexity

If you intend to have many complex visual effects in your app’s design, you should be ready to pay extra money. While it may cost a significant amount of money, having an appealing visual design will attract more customers. Prioritize the user interface(UI) and user experiences (UX) of your app. The user interface will include the pages, the colors, the buttons, the visual attributions of your app and will differ in prices for iOS and Android apps.

Usually, it takes much more time and investment to design iOS apps than for Androids. Creating a good UI design may vary from thousand to ten thousand dollars. Hiring a UX/UI designer will cost you nearly $5000 for a simple app and $15000 + for a complex mobile app.  All of the visual features of your app, along with great functionality, will justify your financial investments in the long-run. 


Your app’s complexity also depends on whether you create your app for iOS or Apple operating systems. The cost difference between iOS and Android operating systems is not significant. One of the most critical factors you have to consider is your target customers. If your purpose is to exhibit your product in a large market and engage with as many customers as possible, the Android operating system will serve you best. If your targeted customers are predominantly iOS users, you must build an app for the iOS operating system. You can also create apps for both iOS and Android operating systems, which predisposes to a different budget.

 Here is when you have to choose between Hybrid or Native apps. Hybrid apps take less time in development, operate on multiple platforms, have easy access in different app stores, and cost substantially less money. 

Native apps operate on a single operating system and perform an excellent user experience. If you plan to create a native mobile application, you will have to be ready to spend nearly $100k. Although native apps might be costly in the short-run, they will be much more cost-efficient in the long run. 

Marketing Strategy

Launching an app is exciting, but you will fail to grab your potential customer’s attention without marketing your product. The app market is highly competitive, so to engage with new customers, you have to design a clear marketing strategy. Consider that good marketing may cost from $5k to $15k+.  Again, everything depends on your budget. If your financial capacities allow, you can work with marketing agencies to promote your app. You may think about paid social media advertising to reach out to a broader range of audiences. If you want to target a particular audience, you may use the services of social media influencers. Remember that your efforts, time, and financial investments for building the app might be wasted with a weak marketing strategy. 

Releasing your app will cost differently depending on the app store you are choosing. If you are planning to upload your app on Google Play, it will cost you $25. It is a one-time fee which means that you can open an account and upload as many apps as you wish for free. For the Apple store, you have to pay $99 yearly. 

It will cost around $50k for a simple and $150k+ for creating a complex mobile application if we sum up. 

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It is needless to say that you will save hundreds of thousands of dollars by creating your app on the ConstApps platform. 

We hope that our suggestions and advice will serve in your best interest. Creating an app is a fantastic journey, and being aware of the financial aspects will help you estimate your capabilities. Choose the smartest, easiest, fastest ways to develop your app. Start your journey with ConstApps.