Growth hacks for mobile app

Growth hacks

It is nearly impossible to imagine successful businesses without online accessibility and constant user interaction. There are billions of smartphone users worldwide. Therefore, the ability to engage with them directly through mobile apps will allow you to stay ahead of the competition. It will also enhance your business revenue and improve your brand awareness. In a digital age, it is essential to stay up to date and implement practical strategies to improve the growth of your mobile app in a competitive marketplace. Remember, the devil is in the details. Every seemingly small improvement can have a decisive impact on the user experience and increase the overall quality of your business. Below you will find practical growth hacks for mobile app success. 

Practice Apps Store Optimization Strategies

People use mobile apps to complete specific tasks in much easier and more efficient ways. Since the app market is loaded with various mobile apps, chances are at least some of them offer the same services and products as you. In such cases, it becomes quite challenging to face harsh competition and attract new users to download your mobile app.

With App Store Optimization(ASO), your mobile application will rank higher in app stores, making it more visible for users. For the best results of ASO, it is essential to consider the following steps.

  • Choose an appealing name that also conveys the central values of your mobile app. Try to keep your mobile app name short, memorable, and innovative.
  • Use specific, relevant keywords in the subtitles of your mobile app. They should concisely and creatively describe the advantages and services that your business can offer.
  • Attract users with eye-catching, appealing visuals. Instead of detailing the advanced features of your mobile app, use high-quality screenshots that demonstrate it all.
  • Remind people who already have experience using your mobile app to write reviews about your products and services. Authentic reviews about your business will encourage many others to download your mobile app. 

Use innovative ways to promote your app

It is essential to spend maximum effort, resources, and time promoting your mobile app. Otherwise, it may pass unnoticed in the marketplace. To achieve an ultimate outcome, consider the following suggestions. 

  • Create a blog where you can make engaging, compelling content promoting your mobile application. In blog posts, you may write about the different features and functionalities of your mobile app that can bring value to your users’ lives. When describing the core features of your mobile app, make sure to provide relevant links and visuals. In this way, users can have the full picture of how everything functions. 
  • Reach out to social media influencers who will be interested in promoting your business in exchange for your products and services. It is essential to identify the target audience and the social media platform for the best results. If you plan to promote a mobile app for an online beauty store, partner with beauty bloggers and other Instagram influencers whose target audience will be interested in your services. 
  • Create a powerful video showcasing all of the advantages and benefits of your mobile app in a visually stunning way. People may not always have time to read long posts about the features of your app. However, they will most probably find a minute or two for an engaging video. You may use it on your social media platforms, blog posts, as well as promotional campaigns. 
  • You may use free trials for your app or specific features of your app for a limited period. This will help to attract more users. This marketing technique will help users to have more profound insights about your app. They will understand the value that it can bring to their lives. 

Apply Referral Marketing as a growth hack for mobile app 

Referral marketing, or in other words, word-of-mouth promotions, means to motivate users to invite friends and family members to join them on your mobile app. The primary focus is to provide an excellent user experience to encourage them to invite more friends. Referral marketing is definitely worth a try for the following reasons.

  • Users tend to trust people they know much more than planned promotional advertisements. When users send invitations to their friends, the probability that they will check it out is higher. 
  • Referral marketing will cost much cheaper compared to targeted advertisements and promotional campaigns. 

Don’t forget about the benefits of Mobile App Analytics. 

Determining the success of your mobile app in the market by the number of downloads is not enough. To profoundly enhance the outcomes of your business, it is essential to choose a specific time framework. You should identify the period to monitor and analyze your mobile app performance by asking yourself the following questions

  • How many users are actively using your mobile application?
  • Who is the target audience, and what are they looking ng for in your mobile application?
  • Which marketing channels generate the most users?
  • What features are used the most, and which ones need further improvement?

By monitoring and analyzing your mobile app performance, you will understand the specific needs and expectations of your target audience. Further, you will be able to provide them with a better user experience. 

Mobile app analytics is also a fantastic method to test the efficiency of your marketing strategies.  App analytics allow you to have precise, data-driven insights about what marketing channels and campaigns are most effective in engaging new users. As marketing is one of the most costly and time-consuming processes in app development, it is vital to understand whether your chosen method works for your best benefit. 

Listen to the feedbacks your users share

Listening and considering the feedbacks of your users are crucial in enhancing your mobile app’s success.  People leave feedback to elaborate on what functions precisely in your mobile app and what doesn’t. Some of the feedbacks may even offer profound suggestions on improving certain aspects of your mobile app. Remember that in mobile app development, as in any business, everything revolves around the expectations and needs of your users. Taking into account the feedback from your users, you will improve the performance of your mobile phone and make your users feel heard and valued. 

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