Get to know different App Categories

App categories

Mobile apps are powerful channels for reaching millions of users in the digital age. Businesses and marketers use mobile apps as a tool to present their products and services, enhance their brand awareness and increase revenues. 

Different types of applications have different programming styles, design peculiarities, purposes, and audiences. Those are crucial to consider in the development process of your mobile app. When presenting your mobile app for a review to app markets, you should select your app category. There are currently 32 mobile app categories on Google Play and 24 on Apple Store. 

Below find the most popular app categories in app markets



Gaming apps are currently the top, most popular category on Google Play and Apple App Store markets, indicating a high user demand.  In addition, gaming applications remain the main form of revenue for both iOS and Android. It is essential to consider that popularity and demand predispose tough competition. So before diving into game app development, it is crucial to conduct market research. This will help to have a profound understanding of all the requirements and user needs of this app category. Some of the most downloaded apps are Subway Surfers, Among Us, Pokémon Go which primarily focuses on entertainment. However, apps of this category are not limited to mere fun. They can help develop problem-solving skills and analytical thinking through intellectually challenging, thought-provoking games. For instance, one such gaming app is Lumosity which enhances the flexibility of thinking, memory, and attention. 

Social Media mobile apps

app categories: social media apps

One of the most powerful tools of communication and network building in a digital age is social media. Social media apps are vital. Especially after the global pandemic hit the world and people started to shift to online communication. Building a social media app may be challenging. There are competitions with gigantic platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, to name a few. However, keep in mind that mobile app success depends on the problems you will solve for users and the value you will serve. Social media apps must provide a platform for self-expression and communication, ensure an engaging environment, and be easy to navigate.

Billions of people spend hours on various social media platforms, which means that you will have an opportunity to reach a broad user audience.

Lifestyle Apps 

app categories: lifestyle apps

The lifestyle category includes all of the apps that are meant to enhance the personal 

lifestyle of users. This category provides fitness, travel, food, music, dating apps, to name a few. One of the advantages of this category is that once users find lifestyle apps helpful, they will become an essential part of their daily routine. Lifestyle apps help users to make dull and undesirable tasks more practical and fun. For instance, if getting in shape may seem a daunting task, users can download an app that will help to easily track the diet, provide health tips, and send motivational reminders about little achievements and progress.

Business Apps

business apps

Mobile apps for business are one of the most popular and demanded categories in the app market. Business mobile apps help companies to offer their products and services to billions of people for minimum costs. In addition, mobile apps allow businesses to efficiently market their services, provide 24/7 availability and smooth communication, and promptly reply to user concerns and feedback. The major objectives of business apps are:

  •  Share brand awareness. Starting from your mobile app icon to the user experience you provide can help create a powerful reputation for your business.
  • Mobile apps allow businesses to have direct engagement with their users and help to create a loyal bond between companies and users. 
  • With mobile business apps, users can make purchases and orders whenever and wherever they wish.
  •  Business mobile apps enhance productivity and time management.

Mobile apps can play a beneficial, crucial role in the prosperity of both small and reputable businesses.

Educational Apps

app categories: education apps

Since mobile apps became an essential part of our daily reality, people often use them as a tool to acquire new knowledge and skills. Educational apps focusing on teaching skills, various subjects, science, language learning, special education, to name a few, are widely popular in mobile app markets. Educational apps allow users to learn something new through an innovative approach and engaging tasks. For instance, to acquire a new language, people can download an app that will test their knowledge, enrich their vocabulary, enhance listening and speaking skills, and track their progress.  

 Overall, mobile apps make the journey of discovering and learning new theories and methodologies more interactive, exciting, enjoyable, and stress-free. 

Utility apps

utility apps

Utility apps are the essential apps that already became an integral part of our mobile devices, including calculators, reminders, weather, flashlight, and more. People use utility apps much frequently, but for short sessions, times to quickly get things done. 

News Apps

news apps

Having consistent access and being updated about international and local news is vital in a digitalized reality. Buzzfeed, Google News & Weather are some of the popular news apps that deliver information. For news apps, it is essential to provide smooth navigation and provide news in unique and engaging ways. Therefore, it is vital to create understandable layouts, easy-to-use design, high-quality content, and delivery. 

Productivity apps

Mobile applications that are focused on enhancing productivity are currently one of the most demanded categories. Productivity apps concentrate on organizing, planning, charting, keeping track of the progress that can boost productivity and enhance time efficiency. Some of the famous productivity apps are calendars, daily planners and checklist makers, sheets, finance apps, to name a few. They help users to complete tasks as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Now that you read about some of the main categories of mobile applications on the market, you can finally identify the category your app belongs to. 

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