Ecommerce Mobile App Features

ecommerce mobile app features

It becomes increasingly challenging to imagine a daily activity that cannot be performed much easier and faster with mobile apps. As billions of people are using mobile devices and spending a great amount of time on mobile apps, it becomes increasingly crucial for businesses to establish their online presence. In order to attract new customers, ensure direct engagement. Also, motivate them to make purchases from your platform, it is essential to have clear marketing strategies and features that can support them.

Below find practical eCommerce mobile app features and functionalities that will help to boost the success of your business. 

Easy registration and login process

ecommerce mobile app features registration

In order to hook the attention of your customer, it is essential to make the registration process as smooth and fast as possible. It is crucial that your ecommerce mobile app features do not require a lot of data for registration. Also, they should allow users to sign in through external accounts like Facebook or Google. Keep in mind that easier access brings higher conversion rates and higher sales.

Direct communication through push notifications

push notification

Over the years, push notifications became an effective, direct mode of communication between businesses and users. Push notifications will allow you to let users know about the updates, hot sales, offers of your business through brief messages. Once users opt-in for push notifications, you can also use their geolocation, purchase history, or other personal information. Further, you can send personalized notifications tailored to your customers’ interests and needs. 

Convenient filtering and sorting of products

ecommerce products

Filtering and sorting functionalities are crucial for ensuring smooth navigation and precisely presenting your products and services. If you offer a wide variety of products, it is essential to make sure that each product has categories and subcategories. For instance, if you sell accessories on your mobile app, be sure to subcategorize the types of accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, glasses, watches, etc. This way, users can quickly find what they need without having to look through your entire offer.

Offline performance 


You will be surprised to know that offline availability for an e-commerce application can significantly enhance customer experience and increase sales. Keep in mind that offline functionalities make the engagement with customers much more efficient. This works as many people do not have consistent access to the Internet. Although customers cannot make purchases offline, they can still get familiar with your products and services, save them and come back to purchase them later. Therefore, offline performance is one of the ecommerce mobile app features you should make sure to use.

Organized wishlists

ecommerce mobile app features wishlist

You may think that wishlists are rather unnecessary. However, allowing users to select, separate, compare products before making purchases will substantially enhance the user experience. Moreover, customer wishlists with offline functionality will allow your customers to highlight the products they are interested in and purchase them later when they have internet access. 

Detailed product descriptions.

product descriptions

 Informative, creative, detailed product descriptions are essential for encouraging users to make purchases. Customers interested in purchasing products from your brand need extensive product information about your products’ size, type, material, and other peculiarities. This way, you will significantly reduce product returns and customer dissatisfaction.

Visually captivating product gallery

In order to build trustful, loyal relations and enhance customer satisfaction, it is vital to present your products and services in organized, visually appealing ways. Provide your customers with high-quality images showing your products from different angles and in a variety of settings. You can also present products using 3D visualizations so that shoppers can better understand what they are purchasing.

Different payment options

 ecommerce mobile app features payment

Consider that people may prefer different payment methods, and offering credit or debit card options is not enough. You want to make sure that the payment options are as diverse as possible so that customers can make payments as fast as possible. Consider digital payments such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, to name a few. 

Delivery alternatives 


It is essential to provide customers an opportunity to choose from various shipping options and allow them to easily add their shipping address. This feature will allow your customers to get familiar with different available shipping options and their costs. You may also add information on how much time it will take for the products to be delivered.

Personalized approach 

Millions of apps are competing for user attention offering their products and services in innovative, appealing ways. Remember, in a digital age, merely marketing your products is no longer effective. You need to show your customers a personalized approach. With mobile apps, you have all the resources you need, including personal data, search history, account settings, and specific device features, to design customized marketing campaigns and product recommendations. A personalized approach will lead you to your target audience, significantly increasing engagement and revenues. 

Smooth product return procedure

With all of the previously mentioned options, you will be able to enhance your customer experience. However, the products customers receive can sometimes differ from what they expected, leading to product returns. It is essential to ensure that a smooth return process with a straightforward, secure, transparent procedure. This will help you build trustworthy relations with your customers and will give them the confidence to make purchases knowing that they can easily return them any time. 

‍Product reviews

One of the ways to make sure that the products are of good quality is to check the feedback from other users. Good quality reviews on your products and services will help you to strengthen your brand’s reliability. Let your customers leave feedbacks, rate your products and share their experience for other users to make better decision making and pick the best product on the market.

Customer support

It is essential for customers to receive the support they need, whether it’s a pre-purchase request or an order update. You need to make sure that customers will get the necessary assistance as promptly as possible. One of the most common practices to quickly interact with a user is an in-app chat for customer support. Make sure that you leave detailed contact information, whether it is mail or phone calls, so customers will know how to address their problems. 

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