Best programming language for mobile apps

programming language for mobile app

Digital reality shapes the way businesses work globally. Therefore, it is necessary to come up with innovative, modern approaches to attract new customers. Considering the overwhelming numbers of smartphone users globally, creating mobile applications became a must. Mobile applications are one of the best ways to reach directly to your customers regardless of geographical boundaries. 

As the number of mobile apps rises astronomically, many started to wonder what programming languages are the best for designing a mobile application. There are hundreds of programming languages, which are constantly changing just the way everything changes in the digital industry. Therefore, it is hard to tell which programming language is the best, as everything depends on what kind of operating system you are going to work with. Below read about programming languages that are recognized and embraced by the global developer communities.


JavaScript is one of the most prominent and effective programming languages worldwide. It is a cross-platform programming language that can code apps for both iOS and Android operating systems. Some benefits of JavaScript include:

  • It is relatively easier to learn. Even if you don’t have any experience or knowledge about programming languages, you will understand the basic concepts and functionalities of the language. 
  • It is platform-independent, therefore operates on different operating systems.
  • It is fast. JavaScript is faster within the client’s browser, so, it does not require to be compiled. 
  • It is widely used. Due to its popularity, you will find an abundance of resources, articles, and tutorials about the programming language. 


Kotlin is the transformed version of the Java programming language and is mainly used for designing Android mobile applications. It is a highly developer-friendly application that makes the experience of coding faster and more productive. Therefore, with Kotlin, you will be able to create a high-quality product for your customers

The main advantages of Kotlin

  • Easy to read and easy to apply. The programming language has a clean syntax and compact coding. Therefore, the development process with Kotlin is less time-consuming and more efficient. 
  • Kotlin is the revolutionized version of the Java programming language. So, if you have any experience with Java, it will not be that challenging to switch to Kotlin. 
  • Kotlin can incorporate with Java, meaning that the code written for Kotlin can work for Java as well.  
  • Kotlin is highly reliable. Hence, Google and Android Studio fully support Kotlin programming language.
  • It offers solutions to many of the shortcomings of the Java programming language. For example, Kotlin reduces the number of errors, null pointers, which may result in system crashes.
  • Kotlin is a very suitable option for asynchronous programming. Due to Coroutines, developers will be able to work with asynchronous codes more effectively. 


Python is a widely recognized programming language. As an example, some of the most prominent companies that use Python are Youtube and Instagram. It is a secure programming language that offers great library support. Many functionalities of Python do not even require coding. Therefore, the development process here is more efficient. It is also a platform-independent programming language which means that your mobile application can operate on any app platform. 

If you are just about to embark on your programming journey, this might be one of the best options to choose from. 

Highlights of the programming languages

  • Easy to learn, read, and use. Considering that Python is an open-source programming language, hence you will be able to easily find any code or resource you need. 
  • Security is everything in a digital world, and Python provides it excellently. Applications developed with Python programming language are less exposed to cyberattacks
  • Python will provide you with comprehensive libraries, so you will not have to spend time and effort to code for specific functionalities. 
  • Python reduces codes and increases productivity. Compared to other programming languages, Python uses fewer coding lines
  • Python is a fantastic option if you plan to expand your mobile application. It is powerful enough to perform excellently for a more extensive user base in the future. You will also be able to add new features and make changes without transforming the server structure


C++ is an object-oriented programming language for Native and Android app developments. The programming language is for coding games, designing graphical user interface-based applications, to name a few. Spotify, Youtube, Amazon are some of the prominent apps written with C++ programming language. 

  • It is portable, therefore it will allow you to run the same code on different operating systems. 
  • C++ has different styles of programming generic, imperative, object-oriented. 
  • The language embraces a large developer community that might be a good support system when needing assistance and guidance.
  • C++ provides you scalability in case you ever think of extending your mobile application into something bigger.


Swift is one of the most promising and increasingly growing programming languages as of now. It is an open-source programming language for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and many other operating systems. 

  • The programming language is created and fully supported by Apple. Due to this, Swift is much more stable and reliable. 
  • It is easier to read and code. If you have any experience with C-based programming languages, it will be much easier for you to learn Swift.
  • Swift has a very clear syntax, therefore it reduces errors and potential system crashes. 
  • Coding with Swift programming language is dynamic and speedy. 
  • Swift applies Automatic Reference Counting, which performs excellent memory management.
  • It is an open-source programming language which means you can get familiar with different program functions’ peculiarities. 

It’s your turn!

We presented some of the most prominent, functional programming languages used globally. Now it is your turn to analyze and estimate what fits your mobile application idea best. Go ahead, create something new!

You can go through the links and get acquainted with what they can offer for your project, as the final choice is what suits your developer’s needs most. 

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