Apps that make the most money | Which are they?

most profitable apps

In a digital age where there are billions of apps for nearly anything, it may be quite challenging to develop an idea that will bring revenues and real value for users. It is vital that before diving into mobile app development, you spend time coming up with strategies on how you can make your app profitable. You may want to create a mobile app for your business or brand, or you can create a brand new idea for a mobile app. In both cases, you will have immense opportunities to attract massive audiences and increase your revenues. Subscriptions and in-app purchases are some of the most common practices for generating revenues. Apps that make the most money vary depending on the type, category, and many other peculiarities of apps. Consider that mobile app revenues may vary depending on the type, category, and many other peculiarities of apps.

What are the most popular and profitable apps?

In order to fully grasp the most profitable applications of all time, let us divide them into several categories and examine their market impact.

Dating Apps

The overall income of the online dating market is expected to reach $3,853 million in 2021, according to Statista. This illustrates that users are interested and willing to pay for assistance in finding great personal connections through dating apps. Moreover, the number of users in the online dating app category is anticipated to reach 489.9 million by 2025. Over the previous decade, dating apps have grown in popularity among users. With the rise of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, when people had to spend a significant amount of time in isolation, online dating apps became even more successful as many people started to seek social interactions through mobile apps. 

Social Media Apps

 For the previous few years, social media apps have dominated the app market business. The average daily social media usage of social media apps globally reached 145 minutes per day in 2019 and 2020, according to Statista. As users spend a tremendous amount of time on social media applications, it became an appealing platform for brands and businesses to promote their services. They can also enhance customer experience through direct engagements in this way. It is essential to acknowledge that in a digital age, social media applications are for more than just personal communication. They are also for marketing purposes, creating meaningful and impactful discourses, sharing media, game streamings, to name a few. People use social media applications everyday to connect, be entertained, and acquire new skills. That’s why social media platform has some of the apps that make the most money.

Gaming Apps

In both app marketplaces, gaming applications have always witnessed tremendous growth. For example, in 2020, games accounted for 71% of all app revenue. As a result, iOS earned $47.6 billion in sales, while Google Play generated $31.9 billion. Moreover, purchases of game apps have become so popular that Apple has developed a new service called Apple Arcade. It allows users to access a massive library of mobile games. Some of the most profitable apps are Candy Crush Saga, Monster Strike, Pokemon Go, Mobile Strike, Game of War – Fire Age, to name a few. Game apps generate profits in a variety of ways. However, in-app purchases are considered the primary source of revenue. Most of the app games allow users to play the basic levels of the games for free. However, with in-app purchases, the performance of the app will be much better with enhanced features and functionalities. 

Entertainment Apps

Video traffic on mobile devices will rise by 50% per year throughout 2022, according to recent Ericsson Mobility Report estimates. Therefore there is no better time for creating a mobile app for entertainment purposes. Both Apple App Store and the Google Play Store have a large number of mobile apps that are related to media entertainment. Keep in mind that entertainment is a broad category that can encompass a variety of services. Apps designed to keep users entertained primarily rely on streaming content. This includes movies, TV shows, podcasts, music, or sports broadcasts. Some of the most popular and profitable apps that focus on streaming content are Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, to name a few. 

Health and Fitness Apps

With the rapid technological advancement and the widespread use of smartphones by billions of people worldwide in nearly every industry, health and fitness applications are likely to be among the most profitable. 

Especially with the COVID-19 lockdowns, the rise of health and fitness apps skyrocketed and did not slow down since. Finding the mental determination to get into a workout mindset might be quite challenging. Fitness and health apps help users to take charge of their daily workout efforts and monitor their progress. Health apps also have features and functionalities for symptom checkers, access to medication databases, drug references, and more to allow users to keep track and measure vital health parameters. It is predicted that the demand for various health applications will only grow with the rise of wearable technology. Health applications are popular among many people, including athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and others.

The most successful apps in the world


With 850 million downloads, TikTok surpassed all other platforms in downloads in 2020. TikTok is one of the latest social networking applications in the mobile app industry. However, it was able to grab the attention and interest of users globally quickly. The revenue of TikTok is mainly through advertising like in most of the big social media platforms. Like with game apps, TikTok also uses in-app purchases, which provides extra revenues. It is essential to consider that, unlike many other successful mobile applications, TikTok has the benefit of being available in China, which provides the app with a massive audience and extra profit. 


Spotify is one of the apps that make the most money globally. Through Spotify, millions of people in 178 countries and territories have access to over 70 million records anytime, anywhere. Spotify was able to shape the music industry and earn billions of dollars through paid subscriptions. The platform also provides a free version of their service containing ads, generating additional ad income.


Netflix is a popular striving service with a massive audience globally. The streaming service also has a mobile application enabling millions of users to watch a wide range of TV shows, animations, documentaries, to name a few, through mobile devices or tablets. Netflix is one of the highest-grossing mobile apps in terms of revenues. The platform generates billions of dollars in revenue from its subscription services, just like in the case of Spotify. 

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