How hard is it to create an app?

create an app

There are billions of mobile users around the globe and millions of mobile applications where users spend most of their time. Marketers and world-leading businesses continue to strive for digital presence to engage with a massive audience and stay ahead of the game. Creating a mobile app can be challenging and sophisticated, depending on the app development methodology you choose. If you decide to work with traditional app development, you will need to hire a professional team of developers, designers, marketers, and other experts. The conventional methodology will require months and tangible investments for the app development process. However, in a digital reality, you can also create a mobile application within hours. You will need no technical knowledge and minimum investments due to mobile app building platforms. So, let’s dive into the details of both methodologies so that you have a clear idea of which option suits you best. 

The traditional method of app development

Hiring a Development Team 

When developing a mobile app, you may choose to work with a professional team of developers. You can either work with app developing agencies or freelancers. In both cases, the complexity of app development depends on your demands and requirements. Hiring freelancers is a good option in case you have a restricted budget or choose to work remotely. You may also choose to work with agencies that are specialized in mobile app development. In this case, you will interact with professionals who will provide you with all of the resources you need, with precise time and project management. 


  • Working with freelancers may result in a lack of direct communication, which can negatively affect the quality of the development process.
  • Working with an agency will require making tangible investments starting from ten to a hundred thousand dollars. 

Incorporating Advanced Features

The development process of mobile applications is highly dependent on the complexity of the features you would like to incorporate in your mobile app: the more sophisticated features, the more time and resources it will require to develop. Advanced features are vital in enhancing the user experience and engaging with more users, such as push notifications, geolocation, API usage, app analytics, to name a few. 


  • Complexity is not always the key to success. Your mobile app should be practical and easy to use from all types of devices. It is essential to develop your app’s main, core features and functionalities first and only after focusing on more complex features. 
  • Advanced features are costly and time-consuming. 

Graphic Design 

The visual representation is the first thing that will grab users’ attention, so it should be as appealing as possible. Besides visual attributions, your app should be practical and easy to use. For this, you may want to hire professionals with a profound understanding of mobile application development and digital design tools. You may consider hiring User Interface(UI) and User Experience(UX) designers to help you build your app professionally. Both UI and UX are fundamental for the overall success of your app. UX refers to the overall experience of users while interacting with your mobile app. UI incorporates the aesthetic peculiarities of your mobile app, such as colors, buttons, images, to name a few. A professional approach to the graphic design of your app can be crucial for the overall success of your mobile app. 


  • Combining a mobile app with an appealing visual design and quality functionality may take months and tangible resources to develop. 
  • It is very challenging to find professionals who will for UI and UX design, which means that you may consider hiring a separate designer. Hiring UI and User EX designers may cost you from thousand to ten thousand dollars. 

Hybrid or Native

Before embarking on your journey of creating a mobile app, it is vital to define your targeted audience. If most of your targeted audience uses iOS operating system, you may build your app for Apple Store. If your targeted audience uses the Android operating system, you can create your app according to Google Play guidelines. In case you want to reach out to users on multiple platforms, you may consider hybrid apps. Developing a hybrid app is relatively easier as it takes less time and financial investments to build and can be accessed from any device. Native apps are substantially harder to develop. They will provide an excellent user experience and will be able to handle complex features and functionalities for a single operating system. Also, those apps cost much more expensive and will take much more time to develop.


  • Developing an application for different operating systems can be challenging and time-consuming because each operating system has its specific programming language. Java is one of the primary programming languages for the Android operating system. For iOS operating system developers mainly use Objective C coding language. 

ConstApps eliminates the hassle of app building

Creating mobile apps is not as challenging as it used to be. Today with mobile builder platforms like ConstApps, you can create a brand new, highly advanced mobile application without spending months and huge investments. Whether you want to create a mobile app for a restaurant or a digital retail shop, or anything else, you will find all of the necessary development tools and more. 


You will be offered an extensive range of theme designs according to the aesthetics of your brand. Instead of hiring designers, you will be able to design your app within hours. This is possible due to the traightforward, step-by-step guidance and smooth navigation of ConstApps. One of the main advantages of ConstApps is that you will have the chance to test your mobile app design on a device and evaluate its performance. 


One of the main advantages of ConstApps is cost-efficiency. As we have discussed earlier, conventional methods of mobile app development require huge investments and resources. With ConstApps, you will not need big budgets to make an advanced, high-quality app of your dreams. You can start your journey with just $29 in your budget. 

Operating Systems

For the conventional methodology of app development, you will need to hire professionals. You will need a team to build mobile apps for iOS and Android operating systems separately. With ConstApss, you will be able to create an app for both operating systems with minimal costs. Moreover, you will have the result within a couple of hours. 

Customized Apps

ConstApps offers a custom service that will allow you to build your mobile app tailored to your targeted audience’s specific needs and expectations. With customized apps, you will have access to advanced features like enterprise development(APK/API), multi-store functionality, advanced app analytics, advanced push notification analytics, and much more. You will also have an opportunity for consultations and front-of-line support.  All of the features and services provided by ConstApps will help you enhance and advance your mobile app’s quality significantly. 

Targeted Push Notifications

Targeted push notifications are changing the conventional marketing methods, more affordable, efficient, and stress-free. With targeted push notifications, you will promote your products and services through your mobile applications. Once users opt-in for push notifications, you will send them updates and offers with short messages. You may choose to send push notifications immediately, schedule them for a specific date.