How To Setup WordPress with WooCommerce To Connect it to ConstApps application


ConstApps is quick and easy service for creating an e-commerce mobile applications for stores. It can take you up to 1 hour to create fully functional mobile application connected to your existing store without need of any development skills.

One of the benefits of using ConstApps is that its easily integrates with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Instead of spending lots of hours for developing and integrating the mobile application for your store, you can have it easily and only pay as you go with monthly subscription.

It will make you save time and money and have what you need.

To get started with ConstApps, you need to have an online WordPress store with WooCommerce connected. To properly configure your WordPress, repeat the steps in the steps.

Plugins required for having in WordPress

List of plugins to installed:

Configuring & Installing WooCommerce

If you have already installed WooCommerce on your store so please skip this paragraph. It will go through basic setup procedures about WooCommerce and dont have some special processed that need to be done with it.

So first of all if you dont have installed WooCommerce Plugin in your WordPress you need to navigate to Plugins > Add Plugin section.

There is a search bar in this section, you see the name of the WooCommerce Plugin in the search in response, you will see a plug-in and click on install, then configure the plug-in. Fill the data.

When you’re done with installing WooCommerce Plugin, return to the WordPress main page and go to Settings> Promotion> REST API and click on Create Key.

In the Description panel fill the fields that will identify that keys are used for ConstApps, as for user select the main user that will have the permission & give him Read / Write permission. After completing the data entry, click on the generate key button.

This Commerce Key & Secret need to be copied and inserted in the ConstApps section of Apps > Store.

Setting up JSON API

For installing JSON API you need to download our plugin from our Public Github repository following this url:

Add that plugin by uploading it up in your plugins section. Dont forget to activate it after adding plugin in your WordPress store.

Setting up ConstApps API

For setting up ConstApps API enter to Plugins > Add Plugin & search for the same naming plugins. Search for it, install & activate the plugin.

Add that plugin by uploading it up in your plugins section. Dont forget to activate it after adding plugin in your WordPress store.

After installing all packages enter to SETTINGS > JSON API and activate Core & ConstApps API .


You can install this two libraries to optimize product images for application. We recommend using them so you can have flaunt mobile application experience.

For setting up REGENERATE THUMBNAILS enter to Plugins > Add Plugin & search for the same naming plugins. Install & Activate it.

After installing & activating Regenrate Thumbnails plugin. Enter to plugin from Tools > Regenerate Thumbnails.

After click on generate thumbnails to generate thumbnails for your products.

NOTE: If you miss this step the products of yours wont have images which is mostly common issue that our customers faces. So take care of this step properly.

Help Tips

Also we suggest to change Permalinks to be different than the Plain option as some stores had an issues when Permalinks are marked as Plain.

We also suggest to use secure connection so try to host website on HTTPS with trusted certificate, this will be reasonable as websites can proceed a payments.


By going through whole setup you will have fully functional WordPress Woocomerce website working with Const Apps & can run your tests & build the application to Store.

Things are easy and straight forward, this way you can have an eCommerce mobile application in several hours without need to hiring any external resources, with just following simple steps.

This will make you benefit from our experience in eCommerce & mobile application development & have an application that can compete in market.

For further questions dont hesitate to contact us will be happy to support you with our experienced team.