How to market a mobile app?

market a mobile app

Building an app requires significant investments and commitment, which is why you should be strategic about how you will market it. We live in a digital era with millions of apps. The possibility that your mobile app will pass unnoticed is very high. To precisely introduce your app to your targeted audience, you need a clear marketing strategy. Efficient mobile app marketing requires the following steps.

  • Learning how to engage with them
  • Communicating with them
  • Analyzing their in-app behavior to shape and advance your product constantly.
  • The primary purpose of marketing strategy is to attract customers who will eventually become loyal users of your mobile app

Below, read some of the most practical methods to market your mobile application.

Social Media

It is nearly impossible to imagine marketing a product without social media these days. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are effective mediums to promote your app. They give an opportunity to engage with your clients directly, spark their interest, and more. Keep in mind that posting on every single social media platform will not guarantee you success. First, you should identify your targeted audience and find the most effective medium to communicate with them. If your targeted audience is most active on Facebook, then you should invest in promoting your app on that platform. In this way, you will reduce unnecessary financial costs and increase direct engagement with your target audience.

Organic social media promotion 

Organic engagement refers to social media marketing without financial investments. For instance, you can use hashtags to extend your reach, collaborate with social media influencers or businesses to promote your mobile app. Remember that you do not always need money to create something innovative and attention-grabbing. 

  • Come up with content that will turn your page visitors into loyal customers. You can always write blogs and articles about the distinct functionalities of your mobile app. You can also engage with your customers through storytelling. In the storytelling format, you can elaborate on the following topics.
    • How your product is essential to your customer
    • How it can help them address and solve certain problems
    • Encourage them to give it a try
  • Demonstrate genuine care for your customers, and they will surely appreciate it. Engage with your followers, answer their questions, accept their feedback and make them feel heard. 
  • Appealing visuals such as layout, images, brand color palette, and fonts can create a pleasant user experience for your customers. That’s a thing you can do without huge investments for your social media pages. 
  • Enlarge your audience by collaborating with social media influencers. Analyze and find out influencers who might be curious about your services or products. For promoting your app, you can offer them your services for free. You can also initiate giveaways and contests with influencers to grab the attention of your targeted audience. 


 Paid social media promotion

Another way to connect with your targeted audience is through paid advertisements. Compared to the organic reach on social media, this option is more effective in reaching the targeted customers. It also guarantees more visibility of your product. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn are some of the most influential platforms for paid ads. When choosing Facebook for promoting your app, you can use Facebook Targeted Ads feature to reach your targeted users. You can narrow down your audience to specific demographics, geography, age, gender, and more. The feature will also provide you with analytics about your audience and their engagement with your product. Analytics help you to reinforce your marketing strategies. 


Websites will reinforce your online presence and illustrate to your customers that you are truly invested and committed to your project. You may start promoting your mobile app long before launching it. For this purpose, a website is one of the efficient methods. Through your website, you can also collect emails and send them updates about your product. All of the promotions on social media platforms can also provide links and drive traffic to your website. Websites should contain all of the relevant information about your mobile app in one place. Maintaining a website adds an additional channel for communicating with your customers.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization will increase your mobile app’s visibility and ensure a higher rate within the app stores. Increased visibility will contribute to more downloads of your mobile app. The leading app stores are the Apple Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. App Store optimization also focuses on click-through rate (CTR), which means you have to do your best to make your mobile app click-worthy. One way for that is to include specific keywords relevant to your app. It is crucial to be strategic and incorporate keywords throughout your description and headline. Keyword optimization will pop up your app when users search for those specific keywords. Consider localizing your mobile application to make it easier for your global users to find your app.

Start a blog

Creating a blog and posting about your mobile app’s recent updates and features is another marketing strategy you can practice. You can write about your app’s purpose, why it matters in the digital era, and how it can make things much more manageable in your website blog. You can also collaborate with other bloggers to promote your product.

Create a promo video

There are millions of apps, and you need to find a way to stand out. Creating promotional videos for introducing your mobile app is a great idea. Your promo video should be practical, fun, and reflect the needs of your targeted audience. People may not have time to read long paragraphs about a mobile application. However, they will most probably find a minute or two for a short, vibrant video. Consider creating an introductory video after you finalize everything and technically ready to launch your app. Making videos may require investments, but they also have the potential of going viral and guaranteeing maximum visibility of your app. 

Many app-developing tools will allow you to promote your app in much easier ways. With one of such tools, ConstApps, you will not need to spend time planning marketing strategies as the platform will equip your app with features that will do the job for you. Advanced features like push notifications will guarantee strong engagement with your targeted audience and a higher retention rate. ConstApps also provides you with access to Advanced App Analytics, enabling you to identify your visitors, track their activities, record consumer behavior, and report on the app’s overall performance. This information can be crucial for reinforcing the marketing and managing your app.