How to develop Al-powered mobile apps?

Develop Ai-powered mobile apps

Mobile applications made completing tasks and following routines more effortless and practical. However, as technologies evolve, users have higher standards and expectations from mobile apps. To meet the needs of users, app developers incorporate tools like artificial intelligence. It is a vital part of nearly every industry and continues to revolutionize how we interact with devices. In mobile development, AI can bring game-changing transformations and boost the success of your business. 

Below find valuable insights on what AI is, how you can incorporate it in your mobile app, and how it may benefit your business. 

What is AI?

 Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a computer science technology that simplifies daily tasks and enables machines to function and respond to commands like humans. 

AI can behave more humanely because it adopts human logic, analyzes previous user engagements, and modifies their reactions to suit user requirements and needs better. In other words, AI enables machines to mimic human behavior and intelligence to provide a better user experience. From social media to the healthcare system, AI has delivered outstanding performance and made problem-solving easier than ever. 

Fascinating facts about AI

  • Amazon is the undisputed leader in AI e-commerce. Amazon uses artificial intelligence in almost every stage of its business. Those include personalized product recommendations, real-time translation, chatbots, image and video analyses, and more. 
  • According to PwC’s Global Artificial Intelligence Study, AI can potentially contribute $15.7tr to the global economy by 2030. 
  • Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk called AI more dangerous than nuclear warheads and urged that a regulatory body is needed to oversee its growth.
  • Spam filters of your email inbox, smart email categorization, plagiarism checkers, smart TV, Siri, Alexa, Tesla electric vehicles, to name a few, are all AI-powered features or products.


Why is it essential to incorporate AI tools in mobile app development?

One of the most vital distinctions of AI is creating a maximum output with minimum input. Therefore, AI helps to organize your work in much more innovative, easy, and productive ways. Some of the significant advantages of AI technologies are enhancing the user experience and increasing your mobile application’s productivity and revenues. 

Learn more about the core benefits of AI.

Excellent User Experience and Personalized Content

Personalized content is one of the essentials in building trustful, loyal connections with users. A personalized, individual approach to each customer is a primary goal for each business that plans to have a long-term engagement with its target audience. AI will help you to achieve that goal as it can store data of your mobile app users, including demographics, photos, hobbies, purchased products and services, and much more.

By storing and analyzing the personal information of your target audience, AI can provide personalized recommendations and advertisements, enhancing engagement with your mobile app users. Furthermore, by providing users with exactly what they need, they will be encouraged to purchase more services and products from your brand, increasing your business’s revenues.AI can also help you analyze and monitor various user responses and feedbacks. This may help determine possible downfalls of your mobile app, which need further improvements.

Enhanced Productivity 

AI will efficiently perform all of the dull or sophisticated tasks, saving your time and resources. Moreover, due to its limitless capacities of acquiring and processing information, AI can equip your mobile app with advanced features and functionalities. Those include voice recognition, automatic analysis, facial unlock systems, and more, which will significantly help the overall productivity business. In addition, AI can be a powerful tool to reduce any numerical errors resulting in higher efficiency, accuracy, and speed. Uber is one of the instances where artificial intelligence tools are helping to achieve excellent performance. Uber is a taxi ordering app that features automatic reasoning to determine the closest way to get users to their destination faster. The technology here is quite simple. AI helps collect data from all taxi services that have previously taken a similar road and choose from the most effective option possible. 

Revolutionized search engines

In the modern world, users want the information they need instantly. Therefore, Google Voice Search, Cortana, Siri, and other voice search functionalities are increasingly becoming more popular among users. Optimizing mobile applications or websites for voice search will positively affect the user experience of your business. 

Image and Text Recognition 

Have you ever questioned how Facebook detects your friends’ faces on uploaded pictures and suggests tagging them? Well, that’s the power of IA functionalities that help detect any object in video or image formats. This feature can be perfect for eCommerce mobile app businesses to contextualize images for recommender systems. Image-related IA can also be used for visual searches. With this feature, users can detect items from pictures and find relevant information on where they can purchase them. Details like this have an enormous effect on user experience. In a fast globalizing world, text-related IA is another superb tool specified in machine translation, data extraction, text classification, and much more. Mobile applications allow us to engage with a massive international audience, making it inevitable to create content in multiple languages. Therefore, machine translation will enable you to translate any type of information, making it more accessible globally. 


We keep important documents, financial and other types of personal data in our mobile apps, which makes security vital. Due to AI, developers can provide mobile applications with advanced security. One of such popular security features is facial recognition. This feature will allow mobile applications to give precise face identification of the user, improve user experience, and strengthen security.

How to implement AI in mobile apps?

First, you have to have a clear vision of what AI feature or functionality you want in your mobile app. As a start, you may brainstorm about the following steps. 

  •  Try to think of the main tools your users may need to complete a specific task in much more productive ways.
  • Consider conducting research about other mobile applications that integrate AI-powered architecture. 
  • Choose data science and find out about AI consulting companies.

Data Science outsourcing is the most optimal low-cost and time-efficient alternatives for mobile app development. While developers will focus on UX/UI design and other development peculiarities, data scientists will develop all of your mobile’s AI-powered solutions and functionalities.