How to code an app?

how to code an app

This piece will provide you with insightful details on how to code your app. We hope to help you in defining your business vision and converting it into a successful project.

Create and challenge your app idea 

Having an app idea and looking forward to executing it is an exciting process. Remember that sky’s the limit when brainstorming about app ideas.

Keep in mind that creating an app in a digital age can be a pretty competitive and challenging process. There are almost 2.7 million apps on Google Play and nearly 1.82 million apps on Apple stores. Therefore, the chances that other experienced and successful companies have already executed your app idea are very high. Don’t let this restrict your aspirations but put extra effort into designing your app idea. 

Creating an app that is entirely original and has never been generated before can be a challenging task. Try to take an innovative approach. Think about the issue you want to solve with your app in a much more efficient way than existing ones. Before starting coding activities, formulate a clear vision of the service your app will provide. Don’t be fearful about the idea of creating an app just because you lack knowledge and experience in coding. 

Platforms like ConstApps provide you with all of the necessary tools to build your app within hours. One of the main advantages of working with platforms like ConstApps is that you will not need technical, advanced knowledge for designing your app. ConstApps is a platform where even people with no app development experience or understanding of the tech industry can create a high-grade product. 

App market research

Whether you already have a clear plan for your app or have absolutely no idea where to start, doing market research will be highly beneficial and helpful for you. 

You can start by finding out more about the apps that provide services similar to your app idea. Here is a little to-do list for your research.

  • List and analyze the names, features, strengths, weaknesses, and download statistics of those apps.
  • Analyze the main factors that make those apps successful. Think about the features that make them different from millions of other apps.
  • Examine their marketing strategies and how they promote their app on different platforms. 
  • Discover as much as you can about your competitors, app creators, and app publishers. 
  • Find out and learn more about the problems they are trying to solve with their product. 
  • Read the apps’ reviews and feedback to discover more about what the users expect from the app. Maybe there are shortcomings of the app that the customers find annoying. Consider that the features other apps miss can become the competitive advantage of your app. 

Do not restrict yourself to analyzing merely the apps and companies you are competing with. You can study and get inspired from apps with a completely different focus from different areas, the success path of which will also be informative and valuable for your further journey of creating your brand new app.  

Operating systems, programming languages 

Once you have defined your goal and researched the app marketplace, you can already start sketching your app’s features. Challenge the practicality of your app features and be very precise and specific when defining them. Work hard on planning every single detail at this stage as it is the foundation of your app.

When building your app’s skeleton, think about choosing the platform where you will release it. You have to take into consideration the target customers of your app. If you intend to promote your app on a broader marketplace, you might consider creating it for Android devices. Creating an app for Android operating systems means that you have to work with the Java programming language. 

If you want to target specific customers who use iOS devices, you will have to learn Objective-C or Swift programming languages. With ConstApps, you can pick a plan that works for your mobile app best. You can choose to create an app that works on Android, iOS, or both at affordable prices. Remember that each of these operating systems has its strengths and limitations. It is up to what you are looking for and what your priorities are. 

Minimal Viable Product 

Creating an app is a very creative process, and you may rush to generate as many innovative features for your app as possible. With ConstApps, you will have the chance to create both the simplest and the most advanced versions of your mobile app. It would be preferable to start with the most essential, fundamental elements of your app first. 

To challenge the functionality of your app, you may release a minimal viable product (MVP). MVP is the minimum version of your final product consisting of the basic features of your app.  By launching and testing the MVP, you will have the opportunity to observe your app in practice and receive valuable feedback from users. It will allow you to analyze the features that worked and the shortcomings that need improvement. 

Designing your app

Your app should be appealing visually and effective in usability. 

With ConstApps, you will have a wide range of designs to choose from depending on your app’s purpose and your personal preferences. ConstApps will help to make the customer experience of your app smooth, enjoyable, and practical. At this stage of designing your app, you must prioritize user experience(UX) and user interface (UI).  

UX is the process of engagement between your app and the customers. When thinking about user experience, try to remember all of the apps that gave you the most enjoyable experience. Think about how you can make your product more effective in usability. You will lose your customers’ engagement once your app lacks functionality or will be too sophisticated in use. 

UI encompasses the visual attributions and the interactivity of your app. One of the first UI purposes is to visualize your final product. UI design includes the color palette, icons, buttons, and other peculiarities of your app, which will make the process of using your app as enjoyable and effortless as possible.    

Marketing strategy

 Creating an app in a digital age is not enough. You will have to learn how to promote your app to grab the attention of customers. Push notifications can make a difference when it comes to the marketing of your product. ConstApps will allow you to use this feature to let your customers know about the latest updates, sales on your mobile application. Remember, there are millions of apps, and you will need to demonstrate what makes your app different from others. You should develop a precise marketing strategy. It might be costly and time-consuming but is essential for your long-term success. If the budget is restricted, you can use social media as a platform to promote your app. If your financial budget is enough, you can do paid marketing. 

With a poor marketing strategy, your app might pass unnoticed and threaten your project’s overall success. 

You have your app idea. You researched the marketplace, chose the operating systems and programming languages for your app, designed the UX and UI of your app, and have a marketing strategy. 

Amazing! You have all the foundation to start building your app. There are a couple of options you may consider before building your app. 

What app coding alternatives do you have?

Hire a program developer
If you are not curious about coding, you can hire program developers to converse your idea into a reality. As this option is quite costly, you may consider hiring a freelancer.

Learn Something New 

If you have the time to learn something new and advance your skills, you may learn how to code and develop your app by yourself. This option will require lots of effort, time, and energy. Nevertheless, it is an opportunity to invest in yourself to learn something new and be fully in charge of your project. 

Cooperate with app developing companies

You may also consider cooperating with app developing companies who have much more experience and capacities to guide you through this process.  

If you didn’t find yourself in the options mentioned above, don’t worry. We saved another option that might be just for you. If you do not have the time to learn something new or big resources to hire program developers, you can work with platforms like ConstApps. 

ConstApps will provide you with a wide range of tools and themes to create a high-standard mobile application for Android and IOS operating systems. With ConstApps, there is no need to have technical knowledge about coding as it is very easy to use.  All you need to do is follow simple steps and have your app ready to use.

Release your app

When the app is ready, you may already set the date to release it for the world. Depending on the operating system you chose, you can release your app on Google Play, Apple Market, or both.

 Consider that there is a different set of guidelines for each marketplace.

 In both cases, you should understand that releasing an application is the beginning of yet another meaningful journey. Now you will have the opportunity to receive feedback, reviews, opinions about your app from your customers. Releasing your app does not mean that you will stop improving it. You should stay in touch with your customers, maintain responsiveness, and demonstrate a constructive approach towards criticism to make your app even better.